Stages and Links


PDF manual of Spy 2.0
Text manual of Spy 2.0
Playthru of packaged level gp2727

Geat info on King's Valley II:

Moby Games

Download Custom Stages:

Troll Soft
Knightmare Saga

Some Cool Emulators: - very solid, contains time warps and cheats. - just drop roms in your browser and play.
fMSX - recently updated again
BlueMSX - older versions still available
NLMSX - older versions still available

More cool KV and MSX resources:

FRS MSX page: amazing KV patches
KV2 deep-dive: Playtown-Rook (jp)
KV2 deep-dive: Playtown-Rook (translated)
MSX Forum - THE place to be for MSX fans!
MSX Blog (sp)
MSX Blog (translated)

Click here for the latest release of the King's Valley Editor

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